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Simple blogging for designers

Don’t let services like TypePad and Blogger chain you down. Take control of your blog with Publishr.


Complete design control.

Start with one of hundreds of professionally-designed templates, or go wild, tear everything out and start from scratch with the touch of a button. We don’t force anything you don’t want into your theme.

Breathe life into each post.

Publishr is the only service that makes it easy to design each post individually. Ever wonder how Jason Santa Maria and Dustin Curtis do it? Now you know.

Take advantage of per-post design for all, some or none of your blog posts—it’s up to you.

You’re proud of your work.
Show it off.

Premium accounts include our unique Portfolio feature, which helps you build a beautiful showcase of your work. And with plenty of storage, Publishr is a great place to post everything you work on.

Our domain or yours.

Make your blog at home with a free domain like awesomedesigns.publishr.com, or upgrade to one of our premium plans to use awesomedesigns.com or any domain you want.

Plenty of headroom.

Every account comes with 10 GB of cloud-based storage. Upgrade to a Plus plan or higher, and the sky’s the limit—all premium plans come with unlimited storage.

Automatic backup and versioning.

Touch that “start from scratch” button and change your mind? We’ve got your back. Publishr automatically backs up and saves copies of all your writing and design, so you can step back in time… any time.

We take your privacy seriously.

All of your unpublished info is secure and encrypted in such a way that even we can’t see it. Also, unlike some services, we don’t hold on to your data after you cancel your account (but we’re pretty sure you won’t want to anyway).

Beautiful typography, baked in.

Publishr plays well with Typekit, giving you access to hundreds of embeddable fonts for rich web type without unsightly coding hacks. It’s a match made in typographic heaven.

Not an HTML/CSS ninja?

No problem. Send us your original blog design, and we’ll code it for you, giving it the full attention it deserves. (See pricing for details.)

Blog from anywhere.

Send us any kind of media you can imagine via iPhone, iPad, Android, SMS, IM, email or carrier pigeon—we handle it all. Everything appears instantly on your blog with styles that you define, and of course, you can customize each post individually.

Let others lend a hand.

Grant access to your blog to as many Publishr users as you want. Our robust permissions system lets you control and fine-tune contributor access.

Go white-label.

Upgrade to a Reseller account, rebrand the Publishr interface as your own, and use our service to build and host blogs for your clients. Charge whatever you want—we’ll take care of the billing and send you a check every month.



$0 / month


$9.95 / month


$19.95 / month


$99.95 / month

Complete design control yes yes yes yes
Per-post design yes yes yes yes
Blog from anywhere yes yes yes yes
Storage 10 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Typekit plan Trial Portfolio Portfolio Performance
Automatic backup and versioning yes yes yes yes
Encrypted and secure yes yes yes yes
Custom domain yes yes yes
Unlimited users yes yes
Publishr Portfolio yes yes
Rebrand and resell yes

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